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Here at Abbey Road Chimney Sweeps, we're dedicated to delivering superior service and making sure you're satisfied with our work. We offer several services including chimney inspections, sweeping and more. Contact us today in to schedule an appointment with one of our chimney specialists! 

Overview of services

At Abbey Road Chimney Sweeps, we provide a range of chimney support, and other services including: 
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Gas fireplace repair
  • Firebox repair
  • Video inspections
  • Liner repair
  • Real estate inspections 
  • Crown repair
  • Pellet stove servicing
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Gas log servicing
Chimney liner in Brookville, OH

Chimney sweeping

This includes sweeping wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, wood stove inserts, free standing stoves and gas and oil furnaces. As part of our promise to ensure your safety and a thorough inspection, we require at least one certified chimney sweeps specialist on every job. If you have questions about the sweeping process, give us a call and we'd happy to give you a step-by-step description of what we and explain the equipment we use. 
Trusted fireplace cleaning service in Brookville, OH

Pellet stove and gas log servicing

Abbey road Chimney Sweeps can now service and fix your gas log fireplaces.
Dan Norton, originally from Kevin Motes Fireplaces & Stoves is now on the Abbey Road crew. He specializes in pellet stoves and gas fireplaces and stoves.
gas log servicing

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Do you have an ugly face, on your fireplace? If you are unhappy with your old, dated fireplace, give Abbey Road Chimney Sweeps a call!



Video inspections

In some cases, a video inspection may be necessary. Not only does it simplify the inspection process, it's also a much better indicator of what's happening inside your chimney. If we only do a video inspection on a unit that does not need to be cleaned for the camera to see, the price of the inspection on a regular fireplace is the same price as sweeping a regular fireplace. We charge this because it actually takes longer to run the camera and produce the report than the time it takes to sweep the unit. If we combine a sweeping and the camera run, we will combine the two services at a discount.

Firebox repair

The interior structure of your fireplace is what's known as a firebox. The purpose of the firebox is to hold wood fires. Over time, the firebox deteriorates and expands because it has to endure high temperatures and cracks begin to form. Luckily, they're repairable and our chimney specialists can help fix them. 

Liner repair

If you've invested in a quality liner, it should have quite a long lifespan. However, they are susceptible to cracking. If you haven't already done so, we suggest that you replace any cracked liners with one of our stainless steel liners. They're available with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and the material is much tougher with than clay lining. 
Liner repair service in Brookville, OH

Crown repair

The crown seals the opening between the edges of the bricks. To do its job and keep water out, it has to be in perfect condition. Although crowns are made from tougher materials like mortar or concrete, they tend to wear over time. In any case, it's important to have your crown looked at during an annual inspection. A specialized can help you determine if it needs to be replaced entirely or simply needs another protective coating.

Real estate inspections

Don't invest in a new home without making sure the structure is sound first. We're also available to do real estate inspection before you decide to buy the home to make sure the fireplace is in good condition. If it's need of repair, it may be an opportunity to negotiate costs with the seller.
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